A Renaissance Woman In Art

7/13/17 It’s often hard for me to imagine life in the 1500’s and the challenges women must have faced, especially those with a gift for the fine arts. Pulisena Margherita Nelli (1524 -1588) was a nun by the age of 14 and became Sister Plautilla. She resided at the convent of Santa Caterina da Siena. […]

Palettes of Many Colors

5/29/15 Notes to Myself: Palettes have personality and I’ve always been a bit curious about them. Interestingly, I came across a few articles on some very interesting palettes and found a piece written about palettes from some of the worlds most well known master painters. Artists like Van Gogh,Munch,Renoir and the list goes on. Oh…what […]

Matisse at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has an outstanding exhibit running until March 17 of Matisse.  I had been wanting to take myself to see it and finally did last Saturday. As I got myself together and got on the train I wondered what I would experience.  Having prepared myself with a sketchbook […]