It’s a Solo Journey

1/28/16 Notes to Myself: It’s a solo journey after all I’ve said and done. I came here with myself and I will leave this world with myself – or will I? Is there a choice in that? Do I have a responsibility while here on earth in this body to know who that self IS? […]

Curious Speculation

1/30/15 Notes to Myself:Am I curiously speculative? Giving that question some thought this week because I think it’s an important part of my creativity and integral to living. Upon reflection I realize children are spectacular teachers of many things and in particular models of curious speculation. Everything is new! There’s something magical in that for […]

Talent – Does it Matter?

“Talent is a snare and a delusion. In the end, the practical questions about talent come down to these:  Who cares? Who would know? and What difference would it make?  And the practical answers are: Nobody, Nobody, and None.”Art and Fear by David Bales and Ted Orland Talent isn’t something I’ve thought about in a […]