How do I Create?


How do I create? Sometimes
I'm not really sure but it's
happening all the time. Creativity
that is. 

I'm in the middle of working
through The Artists Way by
Julia Cameron and I'm doing it
with a group.  If you aren't 
familiar with her or this book
it's worth checking out. It's
a compelling way to get in touch
with your own creative self. This
is something we all have and is
not limited to "artists".

This red, green and white
paper chain is something I 
created over the weekend and is
a result of working through 
this book.  I didn't have a 
whole lot of energy to paint 
and I am an artist. Making
a paper chain just came to me
as something that might be FUN.
I've decided I'm going to put 
it up as part of my holiday 
decorating. In the process of making
it I felt a meditative quality
not unlike what I experience

When I actually consider 
the idea of creating I have to
embrace the reality that I am
creating all the time. I used
to think creating was limited to
the fields of art, music, theater
and those kinds of pursuits.
Creativity goes way beyond those

We are creative beings the reality
is everything I choose to do in
a day is an act of creation. Plans
I may make, things I say or do, 
the thoughts I have, the way I feel 
all have an impact on my state
of being and how I interact with
the world which on a grander scale
is a form of creation. 
The question on how do I create
just came to me.  There's so much
more I could write. I am considering
whether or not to continue with
this blog. It's been a form of 
creating.  I'm just not sure I 
want it to be writing about artists
I research or just let myself
be spontaneous and write about
whatever comes to mind.

I've got a couple of sketches
that perhaps I'll share next
time. That's something I've been
doing more of lately in the 
evening because I know it helps
my painting and it connects me
to the inner most part of myself
that is a creator!

Thanks for reading.



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