A Postcard for You!

Hi Everyone,
I haven't been posting on
this blog for awhile. 

There's been a lot going
on. I've felt out of words
and tired.  Then we had the
Covid-19 out break. That's
been hard.

I installed a solo show 
just before everything started 
to shut down. It's still up but
hasn't been seen. Like
many other artists and
creatives the impact of 
all this has been challenging.

I've been experiencing
a fair measure of grief 
around many aspects
of my life which zaps
energy. I used to run away
from my grief (unknowingly)
I've learned that's a costly 

One of the things I've been
able to participate in recently
is the creation of this 
postcard. It was created in conjunction
of an initiative to raise funds for
The International Rescue Committee.

This organization is urgently
working to help those who
have been severely impacted 
by this outbreak.  

Mine is just one of a collection
of cards done by contributing 
artists. Each card is unique and
has been hand printed in a
series of 150 by Island Farm Press
in San Diego, CA. 

You can support this effort
by investing in a postcard or 
multiple cards at a $1.50 each.
Patrons are then being asked to
make a $10 donation per card to
The IRC. 

Stop by and visit the 
gallery of available cards
and consider purchasing a
few. These can also be
framed! Come start your art 
collection. TAKE ME THERE

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