“Last Supper” by Sister Plautilla


Paintings of "The Last Supper"
go back to the 1300's and 
perhaps the most famous 
by Leonardo Da Vinci.
In an era where paintings of 
this caliber were mostly done 
by men it's particularly 
meaningful that this artwork 
by a woman, is being restored
and recognized.

Historically during this time,
women were not allowed to pursue
art, go to school or study anatomy. 
Getting married and having
children was their place unless
they joined a convent. There
was some liberation in that path
as women could learn to read,
paint and experience other

Plautilla became a nun 
at 14 and was a self-taught 
artist. In her time at the
convent she establish painting 
workshops for her fellows with 
many of the artworks being 
purchased by Florentine nobility
which ultimately gifted them
with financial stability.

The 4 year restoration of this 
painting is as poignant
as it's signature, which
reads: “Sister Plautilla – Pray for 
the Paintress.” Perhaps
her call to all the unrecognized
women artists of her time.

The restoration was done by 
women and largely supported 
by efforts of the organization 
AWA - Advancing Women Artists. 

AWA is a non-profit that is "committed 
to identifying and restoring art works
by women in Tuscany's museums, churches
and storage facilities."


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