A Printmakers “Second Skin” – VM Barquin


The First Selfie, Valencia,Name Dropping II, Bad Design II, Welcome to the Neighborhood, BUFF, El Bruc Residential, MidnightMountain, DOIT


Take a second look at the muted
hues, scribbles, and grafitti like
text. It's just the beginning.
VICTORIA M. BARQUIN is a printmaker
based out of Chicago who's work is
insightful in its texture and political
in it's universal analysis. 

In a recent exhibition called 
TILE FACTORY monotype prints like 
the ones in the grid above 
consider "...the deep connection 
between human beings and the built 
environment." This "second skin" as
referenced to by the artist,
is "any artificial barrier 
beyond our skin..." from
(Rethinking Design and Interiors: 
Human Beings in the Built Environment 
by Shashi Caan- Founder of The Collective)

It's through these prints,
and their tile like presence,
that the artist gives us something to 
consider in terms of imagery, text
and the space around us.

Victoria M. Barquin – Can Serrat International Art Center – Studio

Ms. Barquins inspiration for this 
work evolved during a 3 month period
abroad in Spain which included a one month
residency at Can Serrat International 
Art Center in El Bruc,Catalonia. The 
impact of walls, tiles, tags and 
graffiti as the artist states 
"...surpassed profound". 

Through this work, Barquin proceeds 
to tie in multiple ideas and the
broad influence of tile. She considers
labeling, the dynamic between print media
and protest as well as the square format
and Instagrams Aspect Ratio.  Bad design,
and a look at nostalgia are examined
as well and represented in the colors 
and run-off text that surfaces in
the prints.

ART IS AT, 2017, monotype, 11.5 x 11.5 inches, edition variable

Ms. Barquin has contemplated "tile" 
throughout much of her printmaking. As
well as aspects of the built environment.
In earlier work the artist addresses
the affects of her built environment or
"second skin" through her parents divorce.
In a collection called "If Water Could Melt"
she produced a book of poems 
articulating her journey along with a 
series of silkscreen, monotype and 
intaglio prints that extracted pieces
of her built environment as part of the
imagery. Green tile from her childhood
home made its debut within this 
collection. MORE...

If Water Could Melt II, 2015, intaglio, silkscreen, 22 x 30 inches

As part of her practice,
Ms.Barquin enjoys collaborating
with other artists. Much like
a beautiful tile in in a larger 
mosaic, the artist recognizes 
the value in joint voices.

PICKUP – laser cut coasters – http://www.pickupcoasters.com

In one of her ongoing projects,
with interdisciplinary artist
Polina Protsenko their creation
called PICKUP is a continuing
series of laser cut coasters, 
with text, that call attention 
to real life, and often boundary less 
verbal exchanges that occur in public 
spaces. The coaster are being circulated 
back into these environments ie. bars and 
clubs to raise awareness. For more
on this project visit pickupcoasters.com

READ MORE ABOUT Ms. Barquin on her

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