Figuratively Speaking – Mira Dancy


"Blue Flame" 2015 Neon on Plexiglas

This week I'm back to visiting some contemporary art and came across Mira Dancy. Dancy came to painting through the encouragement of some college professors while at Bard College. She later received her MFA from Columbia University. Growing up as one of 10 children she recalls her mother giving birth at home and by the age of 16 she decided to run away (for 3 days) as she was questioning when her mother would stop having children.

"Red Butterfly" 2016

For me the birthing process is clearly a uniquely feminine experience. And perhaps this has something to do with Darcy's figurative work and passion for the female as subject. Although, she's conveyed in articles that she is not creating portraits or even relating through her work the female body as a subject which was characteristic of the approach taken by historical male counterparts like Matisse and Picasso. Darcy explains that she is examining a "continuous structure". And aims to create a cinematic effect between paintings. So it seems like with most things its important to view her work within a context.

"Red Garden" 2016

Dancy doesn't limit herself to canvas but works on Plexiglas, vinyl and in neon. These large scale works are bold and remind me very much of Matisse, Picasso and the Fauvs. I love the bold color for it's emotion and "in your face" level of presence coupled with the large scale. These pieces are hard to ignore and as one observer noted "...they have a balance despite a complete disregard for what should be working in a painting."
To me she is an extension of the
early women pioneers in figurative
painting whos work although more
"traditional" stylistically were
equally provocative in
terms of the spirit from which they 
painted and created.

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