Judith Leyster 1609-1660


Still Life with Basket of Fruit - 1636

Judith Leyster a 17th Century painter of genre works, portraits and still life's who had recognition in this male dominated field by the age of 19. Leyster, a Dutch painter had work that was often found to be attributed to the more famous painter Frans Hals. It's likely that she studied under him after an apprenticeship with Frans Pietersz Grebber. About 1633 Judith Leyster became a member, possibly the first woman member, of the Haarlem Guild of St. Luke which provided her the opportunity to work as an independent artist and teacher. One of her keynotes was the monogram type signature she used "JL" with a shooting star to sign her paintings. The star referring to the translation of her name "Leister" = "Lead Star".

"Blompotje van Juffr. Molenaer" 1654

It's thought that she stopped painting after her marriage however upon discovery of the "Blompotje van Juffr. Molenaer" (She signed using her married name) it became more clear that she continued with her practice. Additionally, she created some illustrations for a book used by tulip dealers to help them sell their bulbs. I like the tradition of her paintings. They are classics within the genre of the time and masterfully painted with all the elements one would expect in a still life. It's fortunate that art historians have uncovered the paintings that were attributed incorrectly to other painters.

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