Eva Hesse – A Post Minimalist Leader


So often in life, it's through
tragedy that evolution and
creativity emerge.  This seems
like a constant theme with artists.

Eva Hesse, had a short lived but
provocative career. She is credited
with being one of the first artists
to move from Minimalism to Post
Minimalism.  Post Minimalist work
uses Minimalism as a starting point
but strays from that, often 
incorporating handmade or elements
of craft. This is largely evident
in the sculptural work of Hesse.

For this post, I am focusing on
Hesse's paintings. While they
emerged during the era of 
Minimalsim, to me they exhibit
characteristics of Abstract
Expressionism and perhaps her
time studying with Joseph Albers.
Although Abstract Expressionists
aimed to be free of reference to
formalized form Hesse seems to
be able to incorporate aspects
of that within her figurative 

Most known for her sculptures which
emerged around 1965 while married
to sculptor Tom Doyle. The couple
at this time was living in an
abandoned textile mill in Germany.
While there, Hesse began working
with materials left in the mill
sketching ideas and contemplating
the direction of her artistic soul.

"Making Art" - "painting a painting."
The Art,the history, the tradition,
is too much there. I want to be
surprised. To find something new.""

Perhaps this was a pivotal point
in her emergence as an artist and
sculptor. On some level I think all
artists/creators have an innate
desire to "find something new".

What I find tragic, is that
she couldn't see that something
new was emerging through her
artistic journey and contribution.
She makes reference in her diary's
about struggles with self-doubt and
the ongoing need for affirmation.

I think all artists deal with 
that on some level. It' part of
the human experience and often
the result of trauma.

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