Clementine Hunter – A Folk Art Legend


Clementine Hunter is noted
to be one of the most important
folk artists of all time and was
a self-taught artist.

Having grown up on a plantation
in the late 1800s her father
was a sharecropper and tenant
farmer. Life was hard and Ms.
Hunter grew up illiterate
working the fields.
Ms. Hunters creative talents 
became apparent as an adult
while working in the house
at the Melrose Plantation where
she looked after the gardens, 
cooked and made clothes for 
the families children.

Painting began for her 
in her 50's at which time
she met a New Orleans artist
Alberta Kinsley at The Melrose
Plantation which became an artists
retreat founded by the plantation
owners wife Carmelita Garret Henry.

She painted at night using left 
over art supplies and painted on
whatever she could find. The
paintings told stories of 
plantation life as she knew it.
Ms. Hunters body of work
consists of over 4000 paintings.
Her work can be seen in the
Smithsonian, The Museum of American
Folk Art in New York City,the 
New Orleans Museum of Art and
other museums across the country.

To learn more click HERE.

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