A Woman of Fiber and Light


Cosmic Galaxie

I came across a series of contemporary pieces of art at the Philadelphia museum recently. Hanging threads of knotted plastic some with bright color some with more organic natural tones. I wanted to touch them and "understand". While I could see the connection between the works they were also very different and I'll say oddly beautiful. There was some sort of identification going on inside me. The color and light initially drew me in and then it was the texture, air and material. Immediately I was interested in learning about the creator and was excited to learn these were created by a woman artist by the name of Yvonne Pacanovsky Bobrowicz. The pieces shown here are part of her Cosmic Series.

Cosmic Series #2, Knotted monofilament, natural linen

In these works Ms. Bobrowicz is interested in interconnections,continuum, and relates opposites combining synthetic materials with natural ones while also exploring randomness, order and light.

Cosmic Series Monofilament, gold leaf, 2005

As I was viewing the work I let myself feel the experience and found myself thinking of things like hair, a wedding gown,plant life, clouds and window shades. It was surprising to me that the knotted monofilament creations could extract such a broad range of objects as connections for me. In researching more about the artist I learned that she grew up in a creative environment. Her father was an apprentice carver from Slovakia and her mother went to art school where she worked with textiles,creating and designing clothing. Ms. Bobrowicz, born in 1928 is an American Artist who formally studied at Cranbrook Academy of Art after high school. She knew upon entering art school that she liked "craft" and making and thus explored the field of textiles herself. Her experience is deep. She has a rich body of work covering many facets of textiles, weaving and design and continues to explore this work. A fascinating artist to learn more about. A short video here for more insight. CLICK

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