Perfect Little Girls


Perfect Little Girls-M. Laurencin 1913

Marie Laurencin a French painter, became one of the few women connected with the Cubist movement, a male dominated group of artists like many of the other art movements through history. Ms. Laurenin started out being educated as a porcelain painter later deciding to focus on oil painting studying in Paris at the Académie Humbert. She became close friends with Picasso and had an association with the Cubists of the Section d'Or. The Cubist movement began to explore three dimensional form and brought both sculpture and painting forward while pushing the limits of traditional perspective. Laurencin was influenced by Braque as well as Pablo Picasso two close friends, and tended to focus on representing groups of women in her painting. This painting I saw at the Philadelphia Museum recently and I loved the abstract quality to it combined with a very feminine motif which caught my eye. I think it clearly represents a Cubist influence although her palette is somewhat more subdued and pastel in nature. Clearly she was a renegade at this time and someone who assisted in paving the way for other women artists to come. Learn more HERE.

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