Miniatures to Murals Unhinged


"What does an image mean when it's 
unhinged from it's own representation."
Shahzia Sikander

Shahzia Sikander is a contemporary
artist who's voice seems poignant and
relevant. This statement is from an
interviews with her that I recently
listened to. I resonated with it
because it made me consider more
deeply the meaning of things in relation
to their framework.

As I'm learning more I feel a deeply 
engaged with the scope, diversity and 
detail of her work. She has a diverse way
of creating connection between
ideas and motifs by "unhinging" them
from their original constructs and thus
perhaps offering the viewer new insights
using historical information.

I came to learn about the artist via two new 
installations at Princeton University.
"Ecstasy as Sublime, Heart as Vector".
A towering 60'mosaic of glass,ceramic and
marble. The colors and small unique
pieces come together to create a
story that left me contemplating many
things.  One of which was how someone
who was originally trained in Indo-Persian
miniature painting has built on that
experience to create pieces like these.

The other installation"Quintuplet Effect"
tells a visual story through layers of
painted and etched glass framed in 
steel quadrants. There's a gentleness
for me as the light comes through
the artwork even though some of 
the drawing and gestures seem to be
mystifying and serious.

To learn more click here!

Ms. Sikander has an interesting
background. There's a lot more to
her work as an artist than what
I could convey in a "short" blog post.
I hope you are intrigued to find
out more and perhaps see one of her
installations in person.

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