“A Canadian Rebel”

Emily Carr War Canoes, Alert Bay

"War Canoes Alert Bay" by Emily Carr 1908

Looking at art is one of my favorite things to do. Two years ago I came across an artist by the name of Emily Carr. I was drawn to her bold use of color and interesting landscapes. I could see a post-impressionist influence and was intrigued by her Canadian origin because of my own.

"Odds and Ends"by E. Carr 1939

Born in 1871 in Victoria, British Columbia, Emily started pursuing art in her 20's after her parents death. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and in London.

"Breton Church" by Emily Carr 1906

As an environmentalist at heart she focused on sharing her observations and love for the Pacific Northwest landscape and it's culture "at a time when Western Canadians and women artists were not recognized." She made trips to aboriginal villages on Vancouver Island and used her art to document the culture and life of the people. In 1927 she was invited to exhibit her work at as part of an exhibition on West Coast aboriginal art at the National Gallery. It was this experience that connected Carr to members of the "Group of Seven"; Canada's most recognized groups of modern painters of that time.

"Kitwancool" E. Carr 1928

Carr gained significant recognition
for her work in multiple genres. 
And was considered a "a cultural pioneer
in Victoria where she lived for many

Her work is profound in my opinion
not only as an artist but as a women.
I also like the fact that she
ultimately did receive recognition
for her many contributions even though
it was late in life. 
Read more HERE:

Quotes from: about emily carr, the artist
- Emily Carr University of Art and Design

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