Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

7/7/17 Notes to Myself:

“The Dinner Party” 1979 by Judy Chicago
Photo by: By Photographed by Arthistorygrrl

I continue to come across
stories about how under
recognized women have been in
the arts. And to a large degree 
still are.

I am taking it upon myself
to investigate women artists
over the next weeks/months
to learn more and maybe do a 
little something to create
more awareness by highlighting
what I find.

This week I came upon an
installation by feminist 
artist Judy Chicago. Born
in 1939 with the name Judy Sylvia Cohen.
Ms.Chicago is known for her collaborative
installations that explore the role
of women in history.

This piece "The Dinner Party" 
as I understand, is a historical
record of women in Western
Civilization. The piece took 
6 years to put together with
volunteer support and is
currently on display at the 
Brooklyn Museum.

The installation includes and
acknowledges many of the textile
arts (sewing,embroidery and weaving)
women engaged in through out
history. These were practical and
necessary contributions often
created with a high level of skill,
talent and design. However, as history
would have it these works of art
were much less revered than the 
fine arts engaged in by men, like painting. 

To me I like the idea of individual
place settings and a dinner party
theme.  It signifies to me a celebration
and coming together of women in the
arts.  The table consists of 39
detailed place settings each
recognizing a specific woman
in history and that's not where
it ends!

To learn more visit
the Brooklyn Museum!

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