Peanut Butter and Rice Cakes

5/24/17 Notes to Myself:

When life gives
you rice cakes...
smother them with
peanut butter?

Is that what I'm doing?

I'm not so sure I
even like rice cakes
but I've been eating
them with peanut butter.


I love peanut butter.It
reminds me of my childhood
where peanut butter sandwiches
were quite common. I didn't
ever care for the jelly
like my friends. I liked
mayo with my peanut butter.
No one else could quite
understand that.
I ate it anyway...and
didn't care.

I'm still not sure about
the rice cake. It reminds
me of popcorn. I liked that
too as a kid growing up.
I think rice cakes can
be pretty bland in flavor.
I'm not sure why I eat them.
Although, their texture is 
quite complete. The peanut butter 
holds oh so well within the
bumpy surface and the 
combination a tasty experience.

I don't think I'll add the

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