A Sketch Book Life

3/30/17 Notes to Myself:

Got my sketchbook out this
week because I was given a 
free set of Charvin Water Soluable
Pastel Sticks. I'm not a pastel
artist but I thought I would
give it whirl.

It was fun and frustrating
trying to navigate the colors,
lines,textures etc. And then
where does the water fit it?

This little still life came
out fairly well for a second
attempt. Yesterday I tried a 
little plein air sketch and
had a lot of difficulty. I'm
not sharing that today...

Thinking about my sketchbook
it dawned upon me that it's so
much like life. A series of
experiments, sometimes with new
material. I like full sketchbooks.
They are interesting to look
at and often engaging because
so much tends to be revealed
in the sketches. 

My books not done. I just hope
to keep adding pages so that
when it is the story will be
most engaging to those left
to see it.

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