3/14/17 Notes to Myself:I feel naked.
When I step off that cliff of
protection, armor and shield
I am exposed. It's scary, real 
and uncluttered.

I liken this to standing on the 
platform posing, stripped of all
clothing. It's raw and beautiful. 

Wrapping my arms around myself. 
Timid to bare all. Afraid
of what others might say or the flaws
they might notice. 

I might feel something. A sea of 
shame and abandonment circling
around my feet, just waiting to
eat me up so I no longer exist.

I find myself still standing.
Standing in my truth.

The pool of shame is dissipating as I 
say no more to caring what other people
think. Celebrating that I have no power
over that anyway and realizing
we aren't so different. It's just
I'm standing here exposing the
complexity and imperfection of 
my being and maybe you aren't.
Maybe you can't. I couldn't.

Before. I wish you could. 

It would level the playing field
and make for a more compassionate
and empowering world.


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