Essential February

2/5/2017 Notes to Myself:
Did you ever consider the
importance of each month within
the context of a year?

What would happen if one
even just one was missing or
taken away?

I can take a lot for 
granted in the course of 
a year. But that tendency
in me is diminishing.

In February, I notice
the consumer signs of love
begin to appear. Hearts, the color
red and advertisements
for Valentine's Day.
But for me it seems
to be a time of
quiet reflection and 
clearing out. A time of
preparation and creating
opportunities new growth.

This may not always feel
like the box of chocolates
or the temporary sweetness 
those provide. But it is
essential and necessary
to my well being and 
ability to grow in Love.
Love for myself and others.

I'm grateful for my essential
February and the 28 days I have
to root out all that keeps me from 
the best part of myself and 
whats eternal.


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