A Geographical Cure

1/18/2017 Notes to Myself:
Did you ever have the urge 
to move to someplace new or 
to start over somewhere new?

During the course of
my life I guess I've had
those urges. The one 
place I always thought I
would like to move to 
is Maine.  It's such a
beautiful state.

What I've learned though
is that where ever I go,
there I AM!

So, if I think moving
to a new location will
be a solution to challenges
or issues I'm having right
here, I may have a problem
with my motive.

A change in my external
geography wont solve issues
with my internal map. I'm likely
to find the same challenges
in my new location once the 
"newness" has worn off. 

The thing is, my compass needs 
to be balanced inside first, 
otherwise I'm likely to head in 
all kinds of directions
always feeling lost.

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