New Year Light

12/31/16 Notes to Myself:

I'm welcoming the New Year
light tonight. 

I feel peace and joy as
I reflect upon a year that
has been filled 
with many blessings. 

I can recount 365 days
that I woke up, could breathe,
Each day I had a roof over my
head and food to eat as well
as clothes on my back. 

I had friends to talk to and
share my life with, as well as

Nature was always just outside my
door. Each and every day, I had a 
sky overhead and ground beneath 
my feet.

I could think, make decisions
and choose to appreciate all
that was before me.

There were hugs,laughter,
and smiles as well as tears, grief
and loss.

Every piece of each day
was meaningful and helped me
see more clearly how the light
always shines even in the 
darkest moments.

I did need to practice patience 
and keep my lens clear from debris.
But once that was in tact I 
knew all was always well.

The light is here and
shining bright now as I walk
across into 2017. 

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