Giving Thanks When it’s Difficult

11/24/16 Notes to Myself:

Thanksgiving Day today.
I am grateful for the many blessings
in my life however mixed I may
feel today. If I dig deep enough 
I see the light.

Today, I mourn the passing of a treasured
friend. A champion in spirit and a
woman of great faith.

Diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic
cancer just about 6 weeks ago
she left this earth yesterday. 
Didn't have the 6 months doctors
estimated but I think she got
to do and say what she needed to.

I love her dearly and will miss
her presence but know her spirit
lives on in me and the many others
who's lives she touched.

Like the colors of winter! It may
seem dark and gloomy but if I look
closely enough there's always signs
of magnificence and joy.

I'm thankful for those today and
the love of friends of family.

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