Genius Loci

11/17/16 Notes to Myself:

Today, I was quietly reminded 
of "the protective spirit of place" or 
Genius Loci.

This is an interesting term to me.
The first time I came across it was
in a paper my daughter had written 
for one of literature classes in college.  
It was in reference to the landscape during
war and physical changes that remained
years after. Since then the term has given 
me cause to pause. 

Artists I think tend to be vessels
that record the spirit of place.
Maybe the process of creating on it's own 
accord is protective in nature. 

As coincidence would have it,
I came across the term this morning at 
a local university art museum. It was
also used in reference to a landscape. 

As time went on I began to think about 
the spirit of place within a museum. 
The history museums serve to protect. 
The physical quiet of the space.
The often mind blowing work that you
get to stand so close to and experience.
I felt the "protective spirit of place".
Maybe that's why I like to go to 
museums and why I like art in general.
It all seems connected to spirit of
some form.

3 thoughts on “Genius Loci

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Catherine. You’ve given me pause to think as to what I am actually photographing. Is it the “spirit” of what I am capturing? I know that what I click that “moment” never occurs again, so in that way of thinking, I apply what you have said. In a way I am my own museum protecting what Mother gives me, preserving precious moments in time as a saga that yes this happened. Art is so much more then what the picture presents. At least it does to me. Thank you for getting me to think building upon my foundational thoughts regarding my art. Great stuff!!! 🙂 ❤

    • Hi Amy,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. I like what you say about “I am my own museum protecting what Mother gives me.” I can identify with that even though I’m not a photographer. I’m still capturing moments with what nature has given me. Yes, art is so much more than what the picture presents. So often I find myself wishing I could talk to the artists, especially some of the old master painters. Love your work!!!

      • And I love yours too, Cathy! Not sure how I became unfollowed on your blog but no longer true. I agree with you in that how I would love to sit down with some of the “famous” artists to pick their brains. 🙂 ❤

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