Unexpected Events

10/21/16 Notes to Myself:

“Snow Flanked Invitation” oil on canvas cjm

I've had this painting for a while,
it's been sitting in my studio with
some others. Waiting for direction
is how I might categorize them.

Where my paintings end up is part
of the experience of being an artist
that I continue to find enlightening.

This painting which I did about 2
years ago found a special home this 
week. And it was completely unexpected.

You see I learned my very close 
friend is dying. She has 6 
months left to live. And she's been 
like a sister to me.

As I made my visits to the hospital,
I found myself struggling with what 
to bring. One afternoon the thought
of this painting came to mind. I doubted
myself in the thought. Thinking maybe
it's a little silly to give her a
painting. But I packed it up,put it
in my car and told myself I don't have
to bring it in if I don't want to.
Some how that gave me the room to 
follow through on my initial inclination.

My friend loves the winter and snow. It's
one of many things we have in common. I 
could always count on her to be celebrating 
the winter months when a lot of other 
friends would be itching for it to be over.

On some of those cold snowy days we've
gone cross country skiing in an adjacent 
field to the one captured here. As
I reflected on those moments it
hit me that she might not experience
winter again, see the snow or go skiing. 

Sadness can start to fill my heart
as I let this reality slowly sink in.
At the same time the paintings 
purpose emerged.

When my friend opened the package,
she was so surprised and asked
if it was hers to keep. I got to see
the joy on her face and hear how much
she loved just looking at it. She said
it reminded her of cross country skiing
together and of me. 

Nothing else needed to be said.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Events

  1. Catherine, I am stunned no one liked this post nor do you have any comments. This story brought tears to my eyes! My Compassion in my heart for you right now to know that your friend is dying is squeezing my heart. Your painting is gorgeous and to know that it now has a home with your friend and has special meaning for her is awesome. What an incredible woman you are to think of this!! Bless you!!! ❤

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