The Spinning Wheel

6/23/16 Notes to Myself:

I've had a spinning wheel for many
years. It's been in my basement waiting
for me to do something with it.
I always thought I would, do something
with it. Spin again perhaps. Put it in 
my living room even just to admire it's 

I have fond memories of time with my
mother taking lessons spinning many
years ago. She's now gone. Died when
I was 24. Makes sense to me that I
might want to hold on to this object
that can create beautiful things. Perhaps
even participate in a journey spinning
more than yarn.

This week I sold my spinning wheel.
The emotion of sadness rose through
my body and heart. But in letting this
go I experienced a new story unfolding.
And met a woman who is hoping to start
a cottage industry knitting sweaters from
handspun wool for children. The work will
be done by other women who can't travel
to work but can knit and spin at home
and with each other. One of them even
has 2 sheep which will provide some
of the wool to be spun. 

It's a story that warmed my heart and
helped me know my decision was well
timed. Even divinely led without my
realizing. A piece of my history goes
with that wheel and will be part
of a new "yarn" and story.










2 thoughts on “The Spinning Wheel

  1. Oh wow! Funny how when we let go of something that is SO attached to our Hearts, something so beautiful results. Now you know your Mom’s spinning wheel will be put to good use and that the woman who is using it, shall treasure it. This post really touched my Heart. ❤

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