Are We There Yet?

5/27/16 Notes to Myself:
So many caps and gowns.

Who's that little girl
suddenly all grown up wearing
hers? How is it she now
dances in this time of change
sharing tears and smiles in
all the uncertainty.
Yet there she is, receiving
awards and honors. Celebrating 
4 years of hard work and the
choice to pursue her art. 

Now departing from a place that's 
been her home. There are friends
and supporters that have been
there all along, in a way only
she could know. Fellow artists
and creators embarking on their
own new journey from here. Creators
all with their caps and gowns. 

Everything is swirling around so 
fast inside and out she says and 
I'm not even done yet.

Graduating, with my cap and

I think I'll keep creating, she

I hope for nothing less than
that. We need more artists and
I love you.


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