Unfinished Work?

5/4/16 Notes to Myself:

I think all art as a matter
of "creation" is inherently

There's an exhibit on view
right now at The Metropolitan
Museum in New York City which
features a collection of 
"unfinished" works of art.
When I noticed this I thought
what a great topic to look at.

The question of whether a painting
is ever really done has often
entered my mind. I'm not sure I
have come to any conclusion.

Still Life1593_7413
In my process I know I come to
stopping points. This feels like 
a place from which I can depart 
and move on. 

In essence, I think I resonate
with a quality of something
being "unfinished". There's a 
life to it that doesn't require
detailed explanation.

Isn't everything at it's core a work 
in progress? If not, there seems little
reason to create. 

The images here depict a painting at 
2 points in my process. Both in respective
states of being "unfinished".

Upon reflection, I'm not sure I'm going 
to do much more as I rather
enjoy the unfinished nature that is

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