The Circle

4/20/16 Notes to Myself:

The CIRCLE. I came upon the question
above this past week as I was in the 
process of creating a book for my daughter.
She is graduating from art school next
month and I was looking for some inspirational
thoughts to pair with a compilation of images
of her and her artwork over the years. 
I began to notice a multitude of circles.
None of which I would wish to improve upon.

There were line drawn circles that made simple
faces, or the wheels on a bike.
Circles that formed the foundation
of a handmade vase. Circles of life.
And hand printed circles with images of 
her a child inside each one that formed the 
basis of a printmaking project over the 
past year. So many circles. And while 
few of these circles were perfect, none 
of them needed improving upon.

I think, a CIRCLE is complete. That's
the beauty of it. It doesn't end
or begin and it just keeps flowing. There
is no need for improvement. 

If there's something to improve
upon it might be a mindset that
implies there IS something to improve upon
instead of a journey to simply enjoy and

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