Picking Up the Brush

4/3/16 Notes to Myself:

Daffodils a sketch

Part of my "practice" is being
mindful of the benefits of
simply picking up my paintbrush
and painting. Realizing that
I don't always need to have
an outcome in mind.  The simple
act of acting I know adds
to my process of strengthening
myself as a painter.

Over the past few years I've 
committed to share what I 
consider some of my less"
successful" paintings. More out 
of a place of acknowledging 
that this does occur and is a 
normal part of any process.  
Of course in saying all this, 
I keep in mind what I 
"think" works may be different
than what someone else thinks
works or is "successful".

While I rather like the acrylic
sketch at the top. Yesterday's
small sketch in oils (directly above) I find less
"successful". In the process I scraped down,
started over and then stopped. I just
felt the piece wasn't working for me.

Although, I had a lot of fun 
experimenting and moving paint around!
I realize the outcome wasn't the important
part. It was me picking up the brush!
Moving some paint around, exploring
and letting the process continue.

I did sign it so I'm not completely

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