Creating on the Side Lines

4/28/16 Notes to Myself: I’m afraid there is no creating on the side lines, for then I am not fully immersed. I’m standing there on the edge, hesitant. Growing to my potential, halted. Limited in it’s current state. And although it may be lovely, it knows that deeper fruits exist. Where else can my full […]

The Circle

4/20/16 Notes to Myself: The CIRCLE. I came upon the question above this past week as I was in the process of creating a book for my daughter. She is graduating from art school next month and I was looking for some inspirational thoughts to pair with a compilation of images of her and her […]

Picking Up the Brush

4/3/16 Notes to Myself: Part of my “practice” is being mindful of the benefits of simply picking up my paintbrush and painting. Realizing that I don’t always need to have an outcome in mind. The simple act of acting I know adds to my process of strengthening myself as a painter. Over the past few […]