A Cohesive Body of Work?

3/13/16 Notes to Myself:
Cohesive -Park Place Shed_6930
I've been reflecting 
on the  "cohesiveness" 
of my work. And the 
question arises - 
Is is cohesive?

It seems to me that could be left
up to interpretation and perspective.

What I am discovering is that I am
a "landscape" painter. More and more
that seems to fit me.  While that tends
to lend itself to an assumption of
something like the painting I have
posted at the top; I think it's a rather
limited view.

The Living Room Table_6628For me whether I am 
painting a plein 
air landscape,interior 
scene, or still life each 
piece is reflective of a 
"landscape". And how 
I treat those with the paint may 
differ depending upon what the subject
seems to "call" for. 

My process includes listening
as well as observing. How I experience 
any "landscape" from that perspective
will be unique. And the outflow hopefully
reflective of that internal exchange.  

# 5 x7 Cantalope Waiting_5667The important cohesive
qualities for me 
are more character 
driven than "topical" 
anecdotes. That may 
not sell or draw attention from 
galleries or the "authorities". 
I am no less a painter.

Somewhere in that later world I
see a propensity toward "sameness"
and safety vs. inspiring or 
embracing creativity. 

Admittedly, I could be wrong
as I do not have gallery
experience only observation.

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