Come Sit

3/1/16 Notes to Myself:

Acrylic Sketch 2016 - CJM

Painting where I am. How could I do otherwise? I don't think I've always been conscious of where I am in my painting. So much of the time I've used my mind to think about where to go to paint. As a plein air painter I suppose that's important, but deeper questions are being raised with that mode of operation. This winter, instead of looking outside for a subject, I accepted an internal invitation to capture spaces within my home. As I relaxed into the idea subjects came to me without much effort. Chairs have been a frequent part of the process, but not an intent. When I think of a chair it can say come sit, as easily as it can speak to a closing departure. There are many old chairs in my home, each with a history only partially known to me. This chair has been in my family for a long time. Beautiful, although it's one upon which I rarely sit. And as much as it has an invitational nature perhaps I haven't felt quite welcome. Yet, here it is in front of me. Meeting me, where I am, in my painting saying "come sit".

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