Winter Light and Dark

2/13/16 Notes to Myself:

As a painter I know the value
of light and dark to a composition.

I'm a composition, although,
not always in balance. With
winter being one of my favorite
seasons I don't think I really
consider the value or gift of shorter
days or being indoors more often 
because it's cold. So often 
I continue on at a similar pace to 
all the other seasons just modifying 
my activities to a degree.

Sometimes winter can stir up panic
perhaps. The idea that I can't go 
out as much. There can be darkness
in that thought.

However, in reading an article last
night about the inherent nature of
winter and darkness I found myself
remembering the opportunity they
provide. And the overall importance
of taking time to rest. This was like a light
to me.

Nature rests...the trees go barren, animals
hibernate.  I'm not that different in
my true needs to these amazing specimens.

So much of balancing the light and dark
I think for me has to do with acceptance
that I can't know one without the other
and I need both.

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