1/14/16 Notes to Myself:

I think I'd like to
drown myself in "fluff".

Not really!

I'm thinking a lot about 
"honesty" and how important that 
is to relationships.  

How challenging it is to 
be honest with others if I can't be
honest with myself. I am the 
most important person in my life.
The one I am always with. The
one most worthy of my own honesty.

There's really no room for "fluff" 
if I want to live a good life, one 
that's rich and full. 

Sometimes it's hard to sift through 
the "fluff" that I've acquired.
But I know that's what I need to do. 
And if others can't sift through their 
own then there's not much to build 
a foundation of relationship upon. 

I think "fluff" poisons communication.
It's like a tasty filling of nothing
other than illusion. There is no real
ground. And oh how painful that can be when 
the "fluff" looses it's sweetness and the
missing foundation is revealed. 

People get hurt, blindside and betrayed. 

Sometimes it's too late. 

And how can one expect to be heard if 
they don't really know what they are 
saying because they haven't worked 
through their own jar of "fluff".

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