It’s “Time”

1/1/16 Notes to Myself:

"Time" - 
What is it? 
How would you describe "time"?
Can you? Is that necessary?

I woke up this morning like
every other morning I've 
been graced with so far.

Perhaps time and it's markers
help me notice more the moments
I can so frequently take for
granted without due consideration.

Perhaps not. 

Perhaps time creates fear
and a sense of urgency instead of 
a sense of peace and relaxation with
the natural order of life.

I miss things then. Like butterflies.
Do you think butterflies know it's
a new year? Or do they just live
each day free from time.

I hope to become more like the butterfly.
And give more consideration to the moments 
that comprise each day simply by "being"
in them. This year, next year and so on.

Each day can be the beginning of a New Year....

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