It’s a Solo Journey

1/28/16 Notes to Myself: It’s a solo journey after all I’ve said and done. I came here with myself and I will leave this world with myself – or will I? Is there a choice in that? Do I have a responsibility while here on earth in this body to know who that self IS? […]


1/14/16 Notes to Myself: I think I’d like to drown myself in “fluff”. Not really! I’m thinking a lot about “honesty” and how important that is to relationships. How challenging it is to be honest with others if I can’t be honest with myself. I am the most important person in my life. The one […]

What’s Really Inside?

1/8/16 Notes to Myself: Do you really want to look at what’s inside? Lot’s on my heart and mind this week. Maybe I need to sugar coat my post because it’s painful to write. My painting of “Donuts” is a sugar coating I suppose. And there are similar paintings to go with it as part […]

It’s “Time”

1/1/16 Notes to Myself: “Time” – What is it? How would you describe “time”? Can you? Is that necessary? I woke up this morning like every other morning I’ve been graced with so far. Perhaps time and it’s markers help me notice more the moments I can so frequently take for granted without due consideration. […]