Branches of Magic

12/16/15 Notes to Myself:
DA SStorm Tree Graphic_0053
"Each time you face an unknown future
with creativity rather than grasping at known
quantities,you leap.  

And whenever you begin to disbelieve in
yourself, your destiny,your ability to heal
some part of the world, you must leap
instead into the branches of magic."
Martha Beck

This is an excerpt from a short
writing by motivational coach 
Martha Beck. I find it inspiring
and comforting when I start to
feel off-balance.  Being in an 
off-balance state does play a role 
in my ability to connect with 
inspiration and creativity.

With the holiday energy in the air
it can be easy to lose my focus and
become off balance. That's not to 
say I need to be painting all the 
time, but I do need to connect with 
myself so that I'm not putting on 
the back burner those things that
support my best self.

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