Loving Creation

11/24/15 Notes to Myself:

Been thinking about love lately and
what that really means to me.
A big question. I think as big as
the sky and as powerful as the
rocks in my photo. I love the beauty
of nature in Maine. That's where this
was taken.

It's not so much a feeling as it is a
course of action in my life. Loving
action doesn't always equate feelings
of comfort. Although that is possible.

I consider the act of painting a loving
action for me as it is in direct relation
to my heart. Just because that is so doesn't
always mean the work goes "smoothly" or
is "successful". I see I'm still working
toward finding my voice. 

What I do know about love is that it
is available to me 24 hours, 365 days
a week if I am open to "see". It is a
choice that surrounds me. 

I know it's about gratitude, 
trust, kindness,cooperation,and acceptance.

I also know it begins with me. If I don't
have it for myself then I can't share it. 

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