How to BE a Tree?

10/28/15 Notes to Myself:

"Vibrant Fall and Birch" by CJM2015

Continuing on this week
with my "painting a day". 

Knowing, this is a season
of change and the color will last
only as long as it's supposed to;
I've been inspired to get out and capture
what I can. I think the peak has arrived.

Lots of emotions and feelings come
up for me this time of year. I have
been a long time fan of "Fall" and can
find all the color overwhelming in it's
natural beauty. There's a part of me
that wants to just hang on and keep 
it in my pocket.  Maybe that's an 
underlying desire in my painting.

Change or transition can be hard
in life and when painting.  Light
changes, temperatures change and
there's this desire inside to get
the work done! To capture the
experience before it's gone and
sometimes the urgency is a mask
hiding the ever present truth that
it's going to be what it's going to be.

I think all that was present within
me on this late afternoon as I stood
in the woods absorbing and interpreting
this scene on canvas. 

Trees know how to respond to change.
They don't fight it. They let it
bring out their hidden richness and
then they rest for the winter and share
with us their more subtle hues until

In the forest, I learn how 
to be a "tree".

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