Crash Course in Painting!

10/15/15 Notes to Myself:
# 5 x7 Vinegar Egg and Tomato_5732B

# 5 x7 Scale and Things_5717

# 5 x7 Kitchen Counter 3_5643

# 5 x7 Cantalope Waiting_5667
One of the best pieces of "advice"
I've gotten (more than once) with
regard to painting is to

In other words PRACTICE.

I'm in the midst of an October
challenge to paint one painting a
day.  I've done this before and
know it trains my eye to see
what's important, work fast,
and not get too "hung up" on

My focus is on the kitchen. This
is a great segway for me as I head
toward focusing on interior spaces
throughout this winter with my painting.  

It's not so easy to get this
accomplished each day but it is
good practice and a discipline
that reminds me of how much I love
to paint.

These are a few of the pieces so far
this month. I continue to load them
on my portfolio site at

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