Creating from the Heart

10/02/15 Notes to Myself:
Am I? Can I? Create from my HEART.

Is there any other way?

Somewhere deep down inside I
think I live with this ongoing
question as part of my artistic
journey.  It's so much like
the path above. Maybe even 
lined by trees that reverberate
beside me without interfering. 
And while there is space in
between the trees somehow I
know how to stay on the path
because it is well directed. Within 
the soil beneath my feet rests
a bond to remind me when I get scared.

I'm feeling scared these days exploring
with my paints. Not sure of the path
or where I'm being led. Working 
through those fears and insecurities
that want me to stop. To quit.
This is what I did many years ago
when I took an axe to the trees that 
traveled beside me. I did escape,
or so it seemed for a while. It was fear
that I was running from and fear
that continued to chase me down. 
I couldn't stop then to face
it. Nor did I know that all 
I needed to send it into oblivion
was to BREATHE.  I think I will
focus on breathing today!


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