Beat the Clock

9/24/15 Notes to Myself:
Time, is it real? Can I beat the
clock?  Do I want to?  If so why?

Did you ever consider the "function"
of time in your life?  

I realize I have walked with an energy
that is constantly saying "you better
hurry up....time's a wasting." It hasn't
been age related. I have always felt like
I need to be going somewhere. And if I'm 
not going somewhere or doing something,
the big question has been ...then what?

What if I'm not going anywhere? What if 
I can't control where I might be going 
because I'm just going?

It's my suspicion that we come into the
world with this innate awareness of our
physical impermanence. Perhaps that drives
a lot of physical behavior.  I think
we tend to lose our awareness of
a connection to something much larger than
our physical nature. And as much as we
might try to control the speed of time
by working harder at
doesn't change the fact that we are, as
physical beings, impermanent. There is 
no escaping that no matter how fast we are.

If the only aspect of time that counts
is NOW and I only have so many NOWS on this
earth there is no CLOCK to "Beat" and
life is not a race I have to run. 

I believe the human experience is one
I can enjoy and treat with respect 
and responsibility but I can only do that
in the present moment. This is an equal
opportunity where no clocks are needed just
kindness and appreciation for our united 
physical impermanence.

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