While I was Busy Doing Other Things….

9/14/15 Notes to Myself:
I recently discovered this "installation"
in a Magnolia tree in my backyard!
Pretty hard to miss because
it's rather large.

From what I've read this is a
Bald-Faced Hornet's nest and while
I am steering clear of it, I am
finding it an amazing work that
has a beautiful architecture and
sculptural quality to it. They are
quite talented creatures!
What stunned me with further attention 
were the Magnolia leaves incorporated
into the facade.  They look like
flanges or something of that nature.
If I let my imagine go they could
be wings....

The question that arose was how 
were they able to attach and 
carry the leaves? What I picture 
in my minds eye are a few bees 
somehow carrying the leaves through 
the air and then working to build 
them into the sides.  I'm not sure that's 
how they did it, but I
wish I had noticed because it was 
happening before me without my 

There is so much value in
being able to stop my activity
of the day which can become
routine if I'm not present in the
moment. Slowing down and witnessing
the life that IS going on around
me is something I continue to be
mindful of.  Life is short and rather
than racing to beat time which I
can not change I'd rather slow down.
Maybe even stop so that I can truly
reap the rich sweetness in 
life that is always all around me.

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