Changing Light

9/4/15 Notes to Myself:
Crosswicks Library 12 x12_5457
I've been noticing the change
in the light over the past month.
It seems to me to be more "cool"
in nature. This always signifies
for me the onset of Fall and
a shift away from Summer.
In tandem with that comes the
reminder of back to school and
the energy of noticeable change.

The painting I've featured here
seemed fitting to me with the
advent of "back to school".
I started painting this about a
month ago in preparation for
a "paint out" event in October
in the historic township of
Chesterfield, NJ.

Unplanned in terms of using it
as part of a blog post, but it
seems quite fitting. This is
the Crosswicks Library located
in the lovely historic town
of Crosswicks tucked away in 
central NJ. A true little gem!

The light changed rapidly that
day. This is one of the challenges
in plein air painting. But I
like what I captured. It resonates
with me and the shift at this
time of year.


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