Are You an Urban Sketcher?

8/28/15 Notes to Myself:

Trying new things this week in
the realm of "plein air".

I recently learned that 
a group known as the
"Urban Sketcher's" is coming
to Princeton tomorrow. Having
no idea what this was a friend
hooked me up with their web link.
As it turns out this is the 
New Jersey division of an 
international group of "urban sketcher's".

Urban Sketcher's
is a world wide group that promotes
"seeing the world one drawing 
at a time".

Their mission statement:
"Our mission is to raise the
artistic, storytelling and
educational value of on-location
drawing, promoting its practice
and connecting people around the
world who draw on location where
they live and travel."

Tomorrows adventure will include
capturing the landscape and
architecture of downtown Princeton.
This will include sketching
on the University campus.
In preparation I purchased
a small sketch pad of 140 lb.
watercolor paper to paint on. To
keep it simple I plan to work
in acrylics instead of oils.

New Jersey Urban Sketchers

There may be a regional group
in your area so check it out!

Perhaps next week I will have
some sketches to post.

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