Entitled Moments

7/30/15 Notes to Myself:>

"Jumping Off" CJM

Am I entitled to the endless journey of moments that comprise my life? Knotted and forlorn I've often felt tied to the dock but unaware of my tether. Seconds, minutes, hours scatter throughout my day and I barely notice. What happens when you cut the rope? Do I float free? Do I become unknotted? Can you become unknotted? Yes. I decide and jump off. Portions of my being miss the dock and its illusionary safety. I let the water carry me away. No longer flailing and treading to stay afloat. I go under. But only for a moment. All of a sudden I am alive and buoyant. The resurfacing experience I can feel. Seconds, minutes, hours scatter around me. Now in full reflection. I notice EVERYTHING.

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