Larger than Life

6/26/15 Notes to Myself:

Renoir’s Dancers by Seward Johnson

Larger than life...
Well this is a literal interpretation
and what greeted me as I approached
the entrance to The Grounds for
Sculpture in Hamilton,NJ.

What came to my awareness was how paintings
often have the same profound effect
on my senses. 

What is it that makes a work of
art feel "larger than life"?
Is it how it impacts my internal 
landscape in the way this sculpture
impacts the physical landscape?

One can't deny the volume and
presence of this couple. As large
and monumental as they are there's 
a gentle almost caring quality
about the piece.

I like this image because the woman
in the sculpture seems to be looking
down at the visitor with a tone
of compassion.  It's a visual
reference for me of how small mankind
is in relation to the universe.

The potential for work to be
"larger than life" I think rests
in all artists realm of capacity.
As it also rests within the capability
of the viewers experience. 

The determining factor may be more
about humility on both ends and embracing
our limitations. Recognizing that
on some level there is something
"larger than life" in all of us.
I think art helps us do that!

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