No Competition!

6/19/15 Notes to Myself:
As a painter one of the ways
I sell my work is through a
shop on  And one
of the things I like to 
create are Treasuries. To me,
Treasuries are a way to
celebrate fellow artists and
their work. 

The Treasury I share here focuses
on still life paintings by a number
of very talented artists who
also have shops on Etsy. It's

How is this related to competition?
It isn't! It's about
celebrating CREATIVITY!  

For me, the idea of competition
rests in a belief that
there is "not enough" to go
around and it's about division
vs. unity! 

I think the more artists can
celebrate each other the better!
It's that kind of energy
and motivation that has the potential
to change the world and inspire others.
We all benefit. Creativity is about

A lot of people have talent. Talent will
only take you so far. It may get you started
but to go the distance takes passion,
commitment and courage. By recognizing
the gifts in others, I affirm their
efforts and spirit as well as my own.
In a way we become one.

At the start of the day...the only person
I truly can compete with is myself...and
that's not even necessary when I know I am
enough as I am. Not better or worse but
pretty much the same as the next human being.

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