Palettes of Many Colors

5/29/15 Notes to Myself:

J M W Turner

 Palettes have personality
 and I've always been
 a bit curious about them.
 Interestingly, I came across
 a few articles on some very
 interesting palettes and found
 a piece written about palettes
 from some of the worlds
 most well known master painters.
 Artists like Van Gogh,Munch,Renoir
 and the list goes on.

 Oh...what a treat!

 Photographer Matthias Schaller
 over the past 8 years has
 found and photographed these
 awesome elements of a painters
 "tool box".
 What's so interesting about
 viewing them is the
 connection between the physical
 palette and their work. Perhaps
 the most obvious is the palette
 of Vincent Van Gogh which speaks
 to the "paint". It's thick and
 full of defined brush strokes.
 Much like his paintings.

 If you are in Italy you can
 view this photo documentary called
 Das Meisterstück (The Masterpiece) by
 Schaller at the Giorgio Cini Foundation
 in Venice.

 Wish I could go!!!
 To read more click here:
 I'm looking at my palette and
 may share more on that next

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