Change is Inevitable!

5/22/15 Notes to Myself:
Warehouse Trenton Trio"Life is what happens while
you are busy making other plans." 
John Lennon

Change is inevitable no
matter what I do or don't

Most change is infinitely small
and only noticed at various
tipping points where the sum
of parts seems to suddenly
take effect. It's like looking
in the mirror and realizing
you're not 20 anymore. Or that
you are 20 and don't have
a "clue" about your life purpose. 

These moments aren't
so sudden. But perhaps the
tipping point for change. In
that light the experience has
served it's purpose.

Noticing the tiny points is where
we learn about ourselves and until
we are ready, we do "other" things.

I've missed a lot of moments in
that space.  I will never get
those back. I don't say that with
regret but with the realization that
it's never too late! 

CHANGE is inevitable so why not
embrace it for all the good
it can empower.

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